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What Web Hosting Plans Should You Opt For?


Are you looking for Cambodia web hosting services? There are numerous kinds of web hosting plans that are provided by various hosting companies. Based on the type of your business and business requirements, you need to figure out the particular option that will be most suitable for your needs. The various kinds of hosting plans available include the following:

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most basic hosting plan that many users typically sign up for. Under shared hosting plans, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Your website will be placed on a server where it shares resources with other websites. Shared hosting gives the user very little control over the application which they are using and is the cheapest of all plans which give users greater flexibility. It is the best option for those running smaller businesses on a budget due to cost considerations and the fact that you do not need much control anyway for a small business with fewer requirements.

Shared Cambodia web hosting generally carries several packages depending on the particular hosting company. There are packages that restrict you to just registering a single domain name and host a single website on the hosting account. If you will only need a single business website, this will be an ideal package for you.

Then there are unlimited domains hosting shared hosting account. This allows you to host an unlimited number of domains or multiple websites on the same shared hosting account. If you are an investor in niche websites or wish to host multiple business websites, the unlimited domains hosting package will be quite ideal for your needs.

There are other companies that offer even more innovative shared hosting plans for their users. For example, there could be variations in the level of support, size of the resources allocated and the number of domains hosted.

Virtual Private Servers or VPS Hosting

VPS hosting will allocate you your own space or a private server space where you can host your applications. It has several advantages over the more restrictive shared hosting plans. For example, it gives you a greater degree of control. VPS can be viewed as a more flexible kind of shared hosting since you will still be sharing a server with other VPS account holders, but it gives you greater privacy and control in lots of areas. VPS hosting offers greater performance because there is less number of websites per server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, this kind of Cambodia web hosting package will allocate you an entire server.  This server is remotely managed by the hosting provider in order to ensure optimal performance and stability, but you will own all the hardware as well as software resources on the server. Dedicated servers are generally recommended for websites that receive lots of visitors or which need certain custom requirements which are not available on the shared hosting plans.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting can include any of the above and is a great option for webmasters. Under reseller hosting, the parent company will sell you bulk hosting resources at a huge discount which you can then partition and resell to end users. It is also a good option for those that wish to host multiple websites without the resource restrictions of shared hosting plans.

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