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Common problems and solutions for your printer


 A statement in Sydney Morning Herald declares printers as the dinosaurs of the tech world. This is because of the fact that in spite of most tech stuff becoming smaller with time, the printer is still big. Nonetheless, new and advanced printers are being developed every day. When a printer, photocopier or a fax machine breaks down a business is largely affected. Thus, it is very important to find a professional to fix it or you can check services manuals to repair, service and fix canon printer you own.

Technology is a thing of beauty, especially if everything is working properly. However, it is frustrating when there are problems and this article points out some of the common printer problems and how to fix canon printer.

Slow print

This is one of the problems that will need you to fix canon printer. For example, when meeting a deadline a slow print is depressing. This problem can be as a result of high-resolution setting, memory issues, choice of drivers or all of the above. When your printer has high resolution settings there are more images for your printer that need to be processed, which may result to slow print. This can be fixed by selecting standard, draft, or normal mode, if you want to print office documents, and setting to high quality for presentations or formal pieces. And if you mostly work with huge files that have complex images, it’s advisable that you add more memory. In addition, you can also switch to the simplex mode from the two sided one, which will require more paper and less speed.

Another thing that can greatly determine your printer’s speed is the driver. Here, if you need faster printing, then consider PCL. On the other hand, postscript is the better choice for applications that are graphic-intensive. Otherwise get repair service to fix canon printer. Read more at Printer repairs

Paper jams

This is referred to as one of the most common nightmares when dealing with printers. You can fix canon printerwhen it has a paper jam by checking your user guide for guidelines. Some models go as far as providing video assistance and lighted interiors making jam clearance easy and quick. You can start the process by checking the paper path. If you find anything that obstructs the way, then remove the same. Be careful as you take the stuck material out, remove it straight and do not tear it. In case, it is caught in between the rollers of the printer, follow the instruction guide where you will find how to release the pressure. Note that misaligned paper can cause jam, thus you will need to remove the tray to see if the papers are positioned rightly. Check if the papers are squared properly and always make sure you use the type of paper that is supported by your printer.

Overall maintenance will require you to regularly service to fix canon printer for a better working experience. Most of these problems will be experienced as you work and the instruction guide has most of the information you need. If you have a unique problem you want information on, you can check online by visiting the websites like http://printer-repairs.com.au/printer-repairs/canon/

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