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Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid from SEO Firms


Are you currently evaluating an SEO firm with the intent of hiring them to boost your site’s performance on Google? If so, it might be best to educate yourself about the methods they use versus the methods approved by Google. As the number one search engine on the internet, ranking well on Google’s search engines results page is crucial to your business success. However, you should not be tempted by instant results that could have detrimental effects on your business in the long term. You need to be cautious about black hat SEO, which is employed by a lot of unreliable SEO services today.

If you want to avoid being penalized by Google and risk your business going down for good, never work with SEO companies that employ any of the following strategies:

1 – Guaranteed Rankings

This is a tell tale warning sign of a black Hat SEO team. Any agency that guarantees ranking on the first page, or number one placement on search engine results, could be a fraud. This does not mean that all companies who do are, but you have to be cautious. These SEO agencies might employ spam tactics in order to generate quick rankings. The worst case scenario is that by the time Google has identified the spam SEO techniques, they will remove your site from the results page and the company you hired has already walked away with the money you paid them. Do not let them use the excuse of Google’s constantly changing algorithm as the reason for the massive drop – a good search engine optimization will be able to maintain its ranking despite of the changes in the algorithm.

2 – Being #1 is The Main Goal

While being ranked number one on Google for a keyword is good, it is not the only factor to consider when working with an SEO firm. If you obsess over being #1, you miss the big picture. Being on top of Google is not enough if you do not accomplish your business goals, especially if you focus on ranking for one keyword. The best approach is to achieve good ranking for every major search term you have optimized for your website. This will ensure that you not only drive traffic to your website but also generate a higher ROI.

#3 – Scrimping on Content

This is deadly. Content is king, as SEO experts say and this could not be any more true today. With that being said, avoid working with search engine optimisation agencies that claim to provide content for your website as well. This might sound tempting because it can save you tons of time and money. But if you value your website’s content and want to gain credibility for your website, you want to hire a writer that you have screened yourself. Content is the heart and soul of your business. Unless you have hired the writer in confidence, never accept content offered for free. There are a lot of free tools out there for spinning articles and not one of them can produce anything of value for your website.

Have you encountered any similar offers from an SEO firm? If yes, it is recommended that you take a step back. You would not want to hurt your SEO efforts by working with a fraud service. Visit https://getmoretraffic.com.au/ to learn more about helping your website rank the right and effective way.

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