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Benefits of fleet tracking systems


In 2013, the number of car thefts that involved the keys increased to 90% from the earlier 84% in 2012. This highlights the increasing capabilities of car criminals as stated on a tracker website. Cars are not only a big investment but also indispensable in our day to day lives. To keep your automobile safe, you need to monitor it and what better way is there than by using a fleet tracking system Australia shops sell.

Car tracking devices are simple yet powerful which mostly use global positioning system transmitter (GPS), cellular technology and satellites to receive information and determine the current position of the vehicle by a process called trilateration. As for people in transportation business, the fleet tracking system Australia shops sell is invaluable to them and below are the reasons why.

Reduce operating expenses and save time

The first benefit of using a fleet tracking system is that it helps to reduce operating costs. A good fleet management system gives you the chance to choose the best and shortest route to travel. This will definitely help in reducing fuel consumption and any unnecessary costs. In addition, it helps to save time and as it’s known in the business world, time is money. With a tracking system in place, drivers will be able to avoid traffic and busy streets giving them enough time to deliver what they are transporting, saving time and money.

Optimize resources and reduce down time

When you have a fleet tracking system Australia professionals recommend, installed in your vehicles, it gives you the advantage of optimizing your resources. This is because tracking solutions allow you to monitor your vehicles thereby you will be able to have information on fuel usage, behavior of the driver, whenever there is engine idling and so forth. With this data you can make considerable adjustments that will save you a lot of money and time. Further, tracking systems enable you to reduce downtime. When you reduce downtime you are opening doors for success in your transportation business in terms of profit and productivity. This is because these systems enable you to make informed, well scheduled and efficient trips, reducing downtime.

Reduce insurance costs and maximize vehicle utility

It is advantageous to have a tracking system in place for your fleets as insurance companies tend to offer special discounts for vehicles with GPS tracking systems. In addition, you will be able to maximize the utilization of your vehicle. As mentioned above, the fleet tracking UniGuard system Australia shops sell gives you access to information about your vehicle in terms of fuel consumption and idle time among others. With this information you will be able to perform an analysis that will help reduce idle time, wastage of resources and even avoid accidents by reducing over speeding. Thus, you can ensure there is maximum utilization of all resources while ensuring your employees and assets are safe.

All these in addition to security will ensure that your services are satisfactory keeping your clients happy. If you are in need of a fleet tracking software Australia shops sell, visit http://uniguard.com.au/gps-fleet-tracking-system-software-australiagps-fleet-tracking-system-software-australia/.

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